Snack Ideas

Rediscover the simple joy of snacking right here with these perfect pairings. Enjoy every moment of the savoury, the creamy and the crunchy. Bon appétit!
56. Cherry Tomatoes with Crispy Bacon(resized)

Cherry tomatoes with bacon and cheese

Reinvent sweet, savoury snacking with this one: delicious The Laughing Cow® flavour meets sweet cherry tomatoes, and tempting bacon. It’s a meeting of the MMMMs.
55. Sourdough Toast with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Pumpkin Seeds and Basil(resized)

Sourdough toast & roasted cherry tomatoes

This tempting snack puts a twist on the classic Italian bruschetta. Gently caramelised tomatoes, and golden sourdough are fused with smooth The Laughing Cow® Light cheese to put a skip in your step!
54. Strawberries Stuffed, Almonds and Crushed Biscotti(resized)

Stuffed strawberries

For a new and delicious way to enjoy fresh strawberries, these cheese stuffed delights are incredibly simple to make, and insanely yummy. Kids will love to help make them, just as much as they love to eat them!
53. Fresh Cucumber Rolls with Smoked Salmon(resized)

Fresh cucumber rolls with smoked salmon

The fresh flavours of cucumber and smoked salmon are delicious, but it's the presentation here that will stop guests in their tracks. There's no cooking with these beauties. Just assemble, and watch them disappear!
49 Fish and chips(resized)

The Laughing Cow® fish and chips

The good ol’ fish and chips is a classic dish with charming endurance, beginning in England, and now mastered by Australians. Bring a French twist to your fish and chips, by dipping the crispy, tender fish into a pool of melted cheese.
46 Tacos with fish and avocado(resized)

The Laughing Cow® tacos with fish and avocado

Fish tacos are a reliable choice for a dinner that will please, whether it is for your family or entertaining a crowd. The lime, chili, and coriander in these fish tacos lend a light, tangy flavor, leaving the perfect foundation for The Laughing Cow® to rest on.

Pumpkin soup

Quick to make, and a great entrée or main, pumpkin soup is the classic bowl of cosiness. To create a silky textured soup, try this delicious recipe to warm up on a cold day.
38 Leek salmon filo parcels(resize)

Leek, salmon and The Laughing Cow® filo parcels

Paper-thin sheets of pastry encase the surprise hidden inside these parcel delights! Layers of smoked salmon and leek are smothered in creamy The Laughing Cow® cheese. The perfect addition to any meal, or enjoyed all on its own!
26 Penne with spinach and chicken(resized)

Pasta with spinach & chicken

Easier than a box meal, this creamy chicken, olive & spinach pasta, is also more flavourful and delicious. Try this fresh, yummy dinner that the whole family can enjoy!
25 avocado spread with toast(resized)

Avocado spread with toast

An Australian breakfast classic, use The Laughing Cow® to instantly upgrade your avocado on toast, and add a bit of creaminess to this winning combination. Dressed with parsley and tomatoes, this snack could pose as a meal any time of the day!

Mashed potatoes

Homemade mashed potatoes are a crowd-pleasing option for any occasion, and is one of the most comforting dishes of all time! Adding the creaminess of The Laughing Cow® herb flavour will make the most basic potato mash taste rich, velvety, and delicious.


Cheese fondue is one of the great melted-cheese dishes of the world, and it couldn't be simpler. Put a twist on the classic Swiss recipe by using The Laughing Cow® for a delicious and exciting twist.
Mini Pizza Recipe with Spreadable Cheese

Pizza with Pizzazz

Top a mini flat bread with The Laughing Cow® mushroom flavour, and your favourite veggies for a delicious white pizza.
Banana Bread with Creamy Cheese Spread

Creamy Banana Walnut Crunch

Get ready for a creamy taste explosion. Banana bread and The Laughing Cow cheese with walnuts? In a word, yes.
Breakfast Burrito with Creamy Cheese Spread

Rise, Shine & Savor

Bite into this snacking moment — it’s filled with savoury, spicy, creamy taste that melts in your mouth!
Creamy Cheese Spread with Strawberries

Creamy Berries a la Yum

Want something quick, enticing and fresh, but oh so much better than just “good”? You can whip up this creamy snack in no time at all.
Creamy Cheese Spread with Pears

Pear Up

You’ve got creamy cheese. Crostini crisps. Sweet, juicy pear. And you’ve got the ultimate snacking moment.
English Muffin with Jam & Cheese Spread

Jammin’ Out

Who would’ve thought a snack with this much extraordinary flavour could be made this fast? The textures. The tastes. The moment. All yours.
Prosciutto & Spreadable Cheese Wrapped Asparagus

Savory Prosciutto Veg Out

Relish every bite of this delicious trio for a savoury taste that lingers on even after it’s gone.
Cucumber Snack with Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Mozzarella Cheese Spread

Summery, Savory Sun‑Dried

Taste meets texture in this creamy, crunchy combo. Fresh cucumber and The Laughing Cow® Paprika flavour make a savoury pair.
Apple and Spreadable Cheese Snack

Classic, Tart & Tasty

Sometimes simple is best. Savour the creaminess of The Laughing Cow® with the fresh, tart, and sweet taste of apples and crackers. Delight in every creamy, delicious bite.